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Animal Welfare Association trains advocates

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By Bruce Asemota

Animal Welfare Advocates Association in partnership with Vertenarian without borders (Sweden) conducted a two-day training session of animal welfare advocates last Saturday and Sunday (11th and 12th May) at the Regional Office in Brikama.

The training seeks amongst others to improve the participants’ skills on effective communication for animal welfare advocacy.

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The training further seeks to improve the participants’ knowledge for improving animal welfare in The Gambia through capacity building, education and awareness creation.

Muhamed Hazaly Bah, President of the Association, highlighted the importance of animals in our lives and noted that the capacity building of the participants is central to the welfare of animals.

He stressed the need to give animals good hygiene noting that the wellbeing of animals is our welbeing as well.

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He advised the participants to make the best use of the knowledge gained from the training so as to effect a positive change in their respective communities.

Dr Kebba Daffeh, former director of Veternary Services and co-ordinator of Animal Welfare Advocates Association, stated that animal welfare started in 2016 at the Gambia College.

He underscored the importance of education in bringing about changes in the communities.

Dr Daffeh disclosed that animal welfare is now spreading across the country and stated that some communities have been animal welfare friendly.

He thanked some international partners who have been supporting the Animal Welfare Advocates Association.

Dr Mustapha Manneh, Department of Livestock Services, implored all and sundry to make animal welfare part of our daily concern noting that animals are important to our lives.

He stressed the importance of communication and the health of animals as important tools in bringing about changes in the communities.

The synergy highlighted some challenges faced by animal welfare advocates like food scarcity, lack of awareness creation of farmers and animal owners.

Meanwhile, participants were drawn from the Gambia College, the University of The Gambia, schools from all the regions in the country and Madam Drammeh from NaNA was the resource person for the training session.

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