Army investigating Kanilai shooting


By Omar Bah

The military police are investigating a soldier who was reported to have shot one Ismaila Tamba, a native of Kanilai on Sunday, army spokesperson Lamin Sanyang told The Standard.
Tamba a former soldier who is now recovering from his gunshot wound at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) was shot at a military checkpoint near Kanilai.
The army PRO said the military police are investigating not just the suspected shooter but all the soldiers at the checkpoint.

“All the soldiers at the checkpoint at the time of the shooting are currently helping the military police in their investigations. They were about ten soldiers at the checkpoint at the time of the shooting,” said Sanyang.
Sanyang said the investigators will be reviewing the protocols applied by the shooter before discharging the bullet.


“There are series of steps to follow before one discharges a bullet and this is one area investigators will be looking at. But the army is not officially revealing the name of the shooter,” said Sanyang. He said the army has visited Tamba’s family to provide them with provisions to visit him at the EFSTH.
This is the second shooting incident involving a native of Kanilai since the Barrow-administration has come to power.

The first victim Haruna Jatta was shot by soldiers believed to be with the ECOMIG forces and he died.
The APRC leader and members of the party’s executive visited Tamba’s family to commiserate and show solidarity.