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Aspiring politician says Gambia’s problem is leadership

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By Amadou Jadama

Lamin Sanyang, a diasporan Gambian aspiring to form a political party, has said the problems afflicting the country are caused by poor leadership.

Sanyang, a native of Kwinella in Kiang,resident in the US, said the Barrow administration is an experiment that is not working and therefore Gambia must change course and take a new direction with a new leadership to get a Gambia for all, and not just a few elite.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, Sanyang who said his party will be called Gambia Unity Party, added: “Our graduating students whether from college or university are faced with a tight job market, and the private sector, instead of helping to develop our country is exploiting the natural resources of our nation while foreign investors from first world countries are the genesis of the continuous debasement of our economy.”

He said these and many irregularities are the contributing factors to our current state of affairs. “Our country is wealthy and vibrant, its resources are uncountable and her people are hardworking, honest and God fearing. Therefore, we need to ask ourselves where the source of our problem lies, “Sanyang said.

He went on: “There is a need for an overall and a radical overhaul of the entire structure of our administration”.

He disclosed that unlike many who wonder why corruption is rampant, he and his coming party, are not in any doubt that it is the sky rocketing prices of basic commodities against stagnated small salaries that is driving corruption. ”With that kind of state of affairs, there is no way a nation can eradicate corruption,” he concluded.

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