Bai Lowe arrested in Germany for alleged crimes against humanity


Former member of the Gambia Armed Forces, Bai Lowe, has been arrested in Germany for his suspected involvement in crimes against humanity, murder and attempted murder under Yahya Jammeh.

Lowe was part of an army unit that carried out assassinations on behalf of President Yahya Jammeh.

German prosecutors on Tuesday said Lowe had been taken into custody, and his apartment searched.


The arrest warrant said he belonged to a so-called “Patrol Team” of the Gambian military, also known as “Junglers.”

The unit was used by the Gambian president to execute illegal kill orders, among other things.

Bai Lowe is accused of acting as a driver for the unit between December 2003 and December 2006.

He is alleged to have been involved in a total of three such liquidation orders, driving unit members to attack sites.

Among those targeted was a journalist, Deyda Hydara murdered in 2004, and a lawyer Ousman Sillah who survived an ambush a year earlier.

Culled from DW