Bakso comes to Seedy Njie’s defence


By Awa Macalo

APRC strongman, Bakary ‘Bakso’ Jaiteh, has come to the defence of the new deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Seedy Njie whose nomination as parliamentary security committee chairman caused controversy.

The independent MP for Busumbala Muhammed Kanteh Monday branded Hon Njie as a security threat because of his alleged role in abating Jammeh’s tyranny especially during the impasse.


But Bakso said Gambians should leave Seedy Njie alone because he has not committed any crime.

“Seedy Njie was just serving as spokesperson of the government in 2016 just like Halifa Sallah was serving as spokesperson of the Coalition. Yahya Jammeh made him say all what he said. That is it. But that doesn’t take away his competence, loyalty and commitment as a person,” he said.

He added that Seedy Njie has not committed any crime throughout his 10 years in the National Assembly.

“There is nobody in this country who can come out and claim Seedy has done something bad to him/her or committed an economic crime or whatsoever. So why do you just want to pick on his comments as a spokesperson as yardstick to punish him?” he said.

Bakso said Hon Njie is “a brilliant and intelligent” young Gambian and who has been given a chance to serve his country.

Responding to Busumbala MP, Muhammed Kanteh’s claims that Seedy Njie is a security threat, Mr Jaiteh said: “There is no one who will question his (Seedy Njie) competence, his loyalty and commitment. His commitment and loyalty to the commander-in-chief will never be questioned. He has knowledge and dignity. No one should compare him to Kanteh. Since 2016, Kanteh has been behind all the arrests in Foñi. He is the worst security threat so far in this country. You can say you hate Seedy but you can never say he is incompetent and lacks respect,” Bakso argued.