PPP leader bemoans election setback


By Amadou Jadama

The leader of the People’s Progressive Party, Kebba Jallow has joined calls for President Adama Barrow’s NPP and its coalition partners to go back to the drawing board and put their house in order to avert what happened in the National Assembly elections.

Ever since the results were declared showing a dismal failure of the NPP in the three most important regions, there has been a clarion call by supporters for heads to roll in the executive committees of all three regions.


But Mr Jallow, who was speaking to The Standard in reaction to the just concluded parliamentary elections in which his party failed to win even a single seat, did not go that far, but he admitted that NPP and its partners must work on a more united coalition.

”We must continue to be united for a purpose just as we did in the presidential election. It is going to be very critical in next election and that will be the test case for the next government. So I think the best thing for us is to be united and stronger,” he said. 

The PPP leader said the NPP and partners must focus on three regions, Banjul, KM and West Coast warning the coalition cannot afford to lose these areas.

“I think the failure of President Barrow to campaign in those regions also contributed to the poor results there,” Mr Jallow said.

He however observed that apart from the party’s 18 seats, the NRP and APRC have six more and together with some independent NAMs and the nominated members, the government will be able to move the country forward.