Bansang inaugurates D5M youth center


By Aisha Tamba

The Tekki-Fii implementing parent IMVF has facilitated the full refurbishment of Bansang youth center worth 5 million dalasis.

The center was inaugurated on Tuesday with standard guest rooms and multi-purpose meant for the socio-economic development of the Bansang youths.


Joana Martins, country coordinator of the IMVF, said among the target of the National Development Plan was the expansion of multiple purpose facilities throughout the country led by the youths and to serve the youths.

 “This is contributed by all the Tekki-fii partners not only by the project led by IMVF.  These multi-purpose centers are meant to be places where the youth can find meaningful services, and services from different levels. For instance, job centers, IT facilities, sports, and so forth.”

She added that the space is for the youths to be effective agents of development. “It is for the youths but also the community.”

As the project phases out, Joana encourages the youths to tackle the responsibility that is now on their shoulders. “To show the development partners and stakeholders that the investment was a good decision.”

She called on the National Youth Council to continue working with the youths in Bansang for the Center to contribute to CRR.

Karamo Tambajang, Center Manager said the Bansang Center is willing to contribute to the socio-economic development and nurture positive opportunities for the local population and returning migrants in the community.

Ebrima Saine spoke on behalf of the Bansang alkalo and urged the youths to take ownership of the center and use it for development.