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GRCS, UNVs donate 11 first aid boxes to flood-affected families

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By Oilmatou Coker

The Gambia Red Cross Society (GRCS) in close partnership with The United Nations Volunteers (UNVs) on Friday donated 11 first aid boxes to flood affected families who are currently hosted at the Friendship hostel in Bakau and the  other 4 boxes will be going to schools in the KM and greater Banjul areas.

GRCS conceives first aid not only as a technique for saving lives but also as a human action based on the will of saving lives while respecting diversity under the principle of non-discrimination.

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The support is geared towards equipping the knowledge of the affected householders to be able to treat minor injuries and prevent a worsening situation.

Speaking, Isatou Joof, Deputy Disaster Management Coordinator of GRCS, said the GRCS is very much happy to see that the partnership of the GRCS and UNV is been strengthened, “we have a long-standing partnership and this is a manifestation of the existence of that partnership and as we usually do we are still in the flood responds and we are still supporting families that are relocated and this is a very good intervention because must of the support we are  receiving from humanitarian institutions, individuals to distribute to the families are mostly related to food items, non-food items, and household items but first aid is very key which a lot of people tend to forget and a lot of times you will have very minor cases to take care of or manage at home but because people don’t know or people don’t  have the required  first aid materials they find it very difficult, sometimes it takes a long period before they are able to access health facilities.”

Deputy Disaster Management Coordinator of GRCS, described this gesture as a very good one while thanking the UNVs partners.

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Ndieunda Gueye, UNV Country Coordinator Senegal and Gambia, said they at UNVs work with people and organizations in local communities to link the UN initiative with local needs for sustainable solutions.

“Our reason for coming here today is we have seen that the flood has affected a lot of people and for someone who leaves his or her compound to another place all the things you were having or accessing at the place you, won’t be able to see them or get them. That’s why we at the UNVs decide to come and give you the victims a helping hand with this first aid kits,” she explained.

She also thanked the GRCS for its partnership and for always standing by these victims in terms of support.

Isatou Bah, Gender and Diversity Officer of GRCS, said this is a continuation of what they started for GRCS protection, gender and inclusion is a key issue that they always capture in whatever they are doing in their operations and responses.

“And when you look at the affected families, I can say 75% of the affected population are women, and if you say women you talk about girls, adolescent girls and you also talk about men.”

Other speakers included Stephanie Janneh, UNV partnership, and Mobilisation Officer,  Omar Badjie, who did a brief demonstration of the boxes and also a beneficiary who thanked the GRCS and UNVs for reaching out to them on such important donations.

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