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The German professional basketball player currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA, has made a name for himself with his exceptional skills on the court.

While fans are well aware of his on-court achievements, many may not be as familiar with his personal life, including his parents, Axel and Fatou Schröder.

In this article, sportskeeda.com takes a closer look at Dennis Schröder’s parents one of whom his mother, is a Gambian.

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Axel Schröder, Dennis’ father, was born and raised in Germany. Not much is known about Axel’s personal life, as he tends to keep a low profile and avoid the spotlight. However, it is clear that he has been a significant source of support and inspiration for his son throughout his basketball career. Axel’s passion for basketball has played a crucial role in Dennis’ development as a player from an early age.

On the other hand, Fatou Schröder, Dennis’ mother, hails from Gambia, a small West African country. She met Axel while he was playing professional basketball in Gambia. The couple fell in love, and eventually, Fatou moved to Germany to be with Axel. Fatou’s Gambian heritage has undoubtedly had a profound impact on Dennis’ life, shaping his cultural identity and providing him with a unique perspective.

Dennis has a brother and a younger sister. Dennis comes from a Muslim family.

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Axel, Dennis’ father, passed away in 2009. Dennis says he began focusing on his basketball career after his father passed away. He passed away from heart troubles. Dennis still cites his father as the person who turned him into a professional basketball player.

Dennis married his current wife Ellen Ziolo in 2019. They two have two children together, one son and one daughter.

Dennis played with theAtlanta Hawks from 2013-18. He then played for the OKC Thunder for two years. He spent one season with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2020-21. Next season he started with the Boston Celtics before being dealt to the Houston Rockets.

Schröder returned to the Lakers this season. He has been a contributing factor for the current Lakers’ playoff run this season.

Schröder averages 14.0 points per game and 4.7 assists per game in his NBA career. He had his career year with the Hawks in 2017-18 when he averaged 19.4 ppg.

He also represents the German national team in internationals. He was a part of the German team that won bronze at EuroBasket 2022.

He posted his career high of 41 points in a game as a Hawk against the Jazz in a regular season game in 2018. His playoff career-high came in the 2020 bubble when he scored 30 points for the Thunder against the Rockets.

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