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Belgian football agent Everaete Rogers tours Gambia

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By Uthman Jeng

Everaete Rogers, a Belgian football agent with long connections with Gambia recently visited the country, scouting players and reconnecting with his football friends here.
The Belgian first worked with Gambian clubs and players back in the mid 90s when he successfully transferred top players like Sefo Solley, Edrissa Sonko among others.

According to a source close to the agent, Rogers took time to watch league matches and other academy football programmes. ”I have made a mental note of four players from among a lot of good ones, from different clubs and the plans are to send them on trial. It was very difficult for me because they are many good players,” he told The standard. The players or their clubs have not been identified. “We are happy to be back and we are glad to meet the many respected people in Gambian football we used to work with,”he said.

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