Cabinet reshuffle has nothing to do with corruption – Barrow


President Adama Barrow has told waiting journalists at the Banjul airport that his recent reshuffling of the cabinet has nothing to do with corruption.
“I don’t think it has anything to do with corruption. The Gambian people have given me a mandate to make sure we deliver. To do this, there are Gambians who we need in particular places at particular times. So we can make changes. These are constitutional powers that I have so I make the changes in the interest of this country,” he said.

Dilating further on the fight against corruption, the theme of the concluded AU summit, Barrow said: “To succeed African states must build our institutions, to become stronger as the institutions control everybody. It will not be the matter of a head of state now. It is the institution. That is the most important things.”
On his meeting with President Obiang of Equatorial Guinea, the host of former president Jammeh, Barrow said: “We held a closed-door meeting and most of our discussions centered on African integration. The President of Equatorial Guinea is a Senior Statesman. We discussed…and assured them that one day, we the young ones will continue with the mantle of leadership on the continent.”