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APRC preparing for ‘2019 elections’

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By Omar Bah

The interim leader of the opposition Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction has said that APRC are preparing for elections at the end of President Barrow’s three-year term agreed with his coalition partners.
Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Standard, Fabakary Tombong Jatta said any decision the Coalition Government takes other than stepping aside after their agreed 3 years will be deceptive to Gambians.

“For me if they fail to organise election after three years, they will be seen to be deceiving Gambians because that was the message they sent out to Gambians which has contributed immensely to their victory,” he said.
He continued: “I do hear people arguing that the constitution provides for five years, but the constitution did not say a president cannot serve for three years if he chooses to do so. So for me it will be morally incorrect for them to change gears and continue for five years because when they were making that agreement, they knew very well that the constitution provides for a five-year term.”
He said he still has faith in the word of the Coalition and the APRC is preparing for elections within three years of Barrow’s administration.

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MA Bah
Commenting on the recent saga surrounding General MA Bah, FTJ said: “People may not know but it was General MA Bah himself who came to me and asked me to put him in the executive. I told him I cannot do it unilaterally. I had to take it to the executive and when I tabled it before the executive, they agreed and he became part of the executive until to the level of deputy party leader.”

FTJ said there was a lot of misinformation when the recent push and pull unfolded.
“MA Bah will say he talks to President Jammeh here and there but all that is not true. President Jammeh categorically told me he would not talk to MA Bah and his team and if they (MA Bah camp) failed to adhere to the principles of the party, more bombshells will be coming sooner than later because we are consulting at various levels and further actions will be taken,” he warned.

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