Casa GAMBIA, MRC Holland foundation hand over 10 classrooms to Brufut school


By Sally Jeng

CommunityAction Support Association (CASA Gambia) in partnership with the MRC Holland Foundation recently handed over 10 classrooms to Brufut Lower Basic School.

The classrooms were built under a project which started last year and designed to address classroom scarcity in schools and widen existing opportunities to accessing education.


Casa Gambia Chairman, Ebriama Jatta, urged the school authorities to effectively use the facility.

“We must be willing to volunteer and sacrifice to make our communities better. We must not always wait on the government.”

In most public schools, an average of 55 students, are cram in a class.

The MRC Holland Foundation has made it a priority to increase primary school facilities in The Gambia.

A representative of the Foundation at the handing over ceremony, Ousman Bojang, said he was delighted to see the school transform from “sub-standard to modern classrooms.

“We [during our schooling] used to bring our chairs to this school,” said Mr Bojang, “and this school produced most of the prominent people in Kombo. Therefore, it feels fulfilling to be part of this remarkable achievement.”

The school authorities and students expressed gratitude to the two organisations, and acknowledged that the new classrooms will help in promoting quality education.