Charity distributes Ramadan gifts


Cemiyetul Hayr Relief Charity through funding from a Holland based charity, IHHNL, has distributed bags of rice, sugar and oil to communities in Njau, Upper Saloum.

According to the charity, 1,922 families will benefit from its Ramadan package out of which 480 people already received theirs. It will also support 110 orphans that were not registered with clothing and 1200 will benefit from their Iftar.

The country coordinator for CHRO- Gambia, Musa Jallow said they have already given 25 percentage of the Ramadan food aid package at Kerr Waka village in Njau and the remaining 75 percentage will be distributed before the end of the month.


“We are also working on donating Eid clothes and shoes to less to some underprivileged families,” he said.

Jallow said due to the high cost of food commodities they are focusing more on what the beneficiaries need.