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Dishonest poets

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When the drummer’s foot is on the drumming stick

The riddim of the beat can never be achieved

The message of the song is contaminated

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And dancers are compelled to dance to the wrong tune

Again! Not all men are killed With the gun

Some are killed With the pen and ink of dishonest poets

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Those who do not do justice with their pens

Neither inscribing the truth

No dispelling the falsehood

Dishonest poets are

Those poets whose words are in complete contrast to the their actions

Those who help the oppressors

By not exposing their transgressions

But praising and chanting the evil

While knowing that: “Helping the oppressor is an oppression against the oppressed”

Dishonest poets are

Those sweet tongued love poets

That play with people’s heart using their artistry as the weapon

Those who fill peoples ears with sweet vocabularies

But actions are like salt on a fresh wound

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