Egypt to challenge FIFA over laser incident at Senegal World Cup qualifier


The Egyptian Football Association ( EFA) plans to challenge FIFA at the International Sports Court by appealing the ruling on the rematch of the Egypt-Senegal World Cup qualifiers match, according to local outlet Al Sharq.

The President of the (EPA), Gamal Allam, outlined a number of steps expected to be taken by his country to regain its right to qualify for the Qatar World Cup, after laser pointers were directed at their players during a penalty shootout during the March game.

Those steps entail first addressing FIFA to get details of the consequences against the Senegal national team. Once those reasons are obtained, Egypt will then have a lawyer represent their claim as they present their case at the International Sports Court.


Despite several attempts to overturn the decision made by the FIFA disciplinary committee, the Egyptians have failed to get a match scheduled against the Senegal national team.

Egypt has slammed the incident as unfair and said the lasers were a key factor for the national team’s loss during the penalty shootout.

In May, FIFA fined Senegal’s football federation 175,000 Swiss francs for the green lights matter as well as for failing to implement safety rules at the stadium.

However, the Egyptian Football Association was not satisfied with those actions and requested the match be repeated on “more fitting” grounds.

It would be highly unlikely that the rematch would be set as there are less than 100 days to the winter World Cup, which kicks off in the Middle East for the first time on 20 November.

FIFA has officially not made any statements regarding the game.