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Fall of the titan

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He survived by dint of hardwork

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Built a family on a strong premise

I saw his determination; felt the strength

Lifted the family from glued doldrums

Covered us under the protective cocoon

Of family care; of real paternal love

Everyone was equal to the family pie

And the communal bowl we scooped from

I thought the bond was too strong to be over

That the cherished bond would be forever

So he would see our children’s children

That he would expand the family to the end 

He believed and prayed; fasted and gave alms

At the tale end observed pilgrimage

I believe all the pillars were completed

When Allah was ready to take what He owned

Prepared to light the beacon of your departure

Then, intermittent terminal illness ensued

And on the fateful night of Saturday 

A day after I registered my name in Gambian literature 

YOU decided he has seen all; already lived enough

Then his breaths were gone; remained silent

I received the news with calm; gulped back tears

Minutes of the night were interminable; sleep evaded me

Soaked in sweat under a stand fan; buried in thoughts

I was away; the journey back was equal to the night before

Wrapped him in shroud; ready to finally leave

I sat over him; static and breathless

Remembered my inconsolable mother; distraught sisters

Held my breaths tight; wiped out the coursing tears

Sneezed and panted; coughed and quietly moaned 

I snuck the room; giving space to people who

Carried him shoulder-high; heading to the grave

And then lowered; pushing sand back on him

When I turned back; striding my way home

I then realised the big family tree has fallen


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