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Friends of The Gambia donates medical items to Bwiam hospital

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In receiving the items, Mr Ansumana Mendy, the hospital administrator, described the items as ‘a great value to the hospital and anybody who invests in health is investing to save life’. “The Ministry of Health needs partners and charitable groups like Friends of The Gambia who are complementing to the government’s efforts in the area of health,” he said. 

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 He affirmed that Friends of The Gambia has been supporting the Bwiam hospital for many years. “We have been partnering with you people for quite a long time and it has been a truthful partnership. This donation is not a surprise to me because your association has a long-standing relationship with the hospital. The Gambia and Spain have had a very good relationship and that relationship will continue to flourish forever. In that relationship, today is testimony to the continued relationship.” 

Mr Mendy thanked Friends of The Gambia for their timely support, and promised that the donated items will be wisely used.

 Mr Joe Jatta, the brain behind the donation, said: “Friends of The Gambia has been supporting this hospital for more than four years now. We don’t only assist Bwiam hospital but we also support Sanyang Community Health Centre and other communities in the country. We provide support in different areas such as health, education as well as supporting communities. This year, we brought a forty-foot container worth two hundred thousand euros only for aid. This donation is made because of the love I have for my country and the people and we will continue to solicit support for the Gambian people.”  


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