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GACH lays foundation for D2M Batokunku football field

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The GACH Mining Company Sunday laid a foundation stone for the construction of the Batokunku village football field perimeter fence.

The D2.3 million project is part of the company’s social corporate responsibility. Batotunku is part of communities GACH is mining sand.

Speaking at the ceremony, the councillor of the area, Boto Bojang lauded the initiative and thanked the GACH CEO Abubakary Jawara for his foresight.

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He said other companies have mined in the area but none of them has built such a strong partnership with the community like GACH has done.

According to Mr Bojang, GACH has been supportive to all the communities it is mining in including Sanyang where they built D1.5 million police station and paid regular royalties to Tujereng.

Mustapha Kandeh, Batokunku village development committee chairman, commended GACH for fulfilling all the promises they made to the village.

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He said the company has also provided street lights for the village.

“We are all grateful to GACH for bringing such development to our community,” Chairman Kandeh said.

He called on the villagers to be united.

The Sanyang VDC chairman Cherno Njie said his community is very grateful to GACH and its CEO.

Ba-Jereh Jatta, the alkalo of Batokunku said many companies have conducted sand mining in his community but none brought a single development there, except                                                                                                     GACH.

“It is the GACH mining company who first paid royalties to us,” he said.

He called on the young people to affiliate themselves with the village development committee and contribute to its development agenda.

Amadou Manneh, GACH’s site manager, commended the community for their support and assured them of the company’s strong commitment to continue fulfilling its social corporate responsibility.

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