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Gambia registers five new Covid-19 cases

By Omar Bah

Health Minister Dr Ahmadou Lamin Samateh confirmed on Saturday that the country has five new coronavirus cases.

“A total of 76 new laboratory test results have been received recently, five were positive, one inconclusive and 70 were negative. Two of the confirmed cases were in quarantine and later on home isolation on account of recent travel from the United Arab Emirates,” Dr Samateh told journalists.

Dr Samateh went on: “One other confirmed case was in quarantine and also later in home isolation on account of recent travel from United Kingdom. The remaining two confirmed cases are still in quarantine for being close contacts with the fourth confirmed case.”
Samateh further disclosed that the two locally transmitted cases are from the same compound with the fourth case who’s currently receiving treatment.

“They are all Gambians. Two of them are 20 years old. The other two are 28 years old and the other one is in his 60s. We are emphasising that young people are also vulnerable. Even if they could withstand the disease, they may transfer it to others,” he said.
The minister urged the compliance of public gathering restrictions, hand washing and social distancing to contain the spread of the virus.

The new confirmation means the country has now registered nine cases of coronavirus. Two have recovered and one died. The active cases are now 6.

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