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Gambia seeks consultants for 150-MW solar-plus-storage project

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Gambia government and the West African Power Pool (Wapp) have launched a process to find consultants for a 150-MWp solar project with a 20-MWh energy storage option.

The selected consultants will be tasked with conducting technical and financial feasibility studies following the Solar Park “Plug & Play” concept.

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Their work will help define the optimal strategy for the phasing of the construction of the solar power plant, a document shows.

Following preliminary screening, the government has found a suitable site of about 172 sq km (66.4 sq mile) in a 20 km radius around Soma, where a 225/30-kV substation is currently being built.

The plan is to construct the solar park in two phases — one of 80 MWp to be completed in 2021 and another of 70 MWp for 2025.

The state itself will ensure the availability of land and aid in the provision of the needed permits to sign a power purchase agreement (PPA), according to the document.

Expressions of Interest from parties looking to become consultants on the project can be submitted by October 28, 2019.

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