Gambia, Tunisia youth parliaments strike cooperation


The Gambian chapter of the Global Youth Parliament and her Tunisian counterpart have agreed to work together in pursuing GYP’s global mandate which is to ‘encourage youths to create, express, build and invest in their personality in order to reach a better world with new inspiration’.

According to a press statement, Baba Ceesay the Coordinator of the GYP in The Gambia, and Mohamed Ali Mami, the head of the Tunisian GYP both pledged to foster close collaboration and coordination between their respective chapters.

“Tunisia and Gambia have diplomatic relationship since 2005 and this relation is still strong. So, in order to continue and build this relation from strength to strength, we recognised that cooperation in all areas is necessary such as economic development, scientific research in addition to collaboration between all youth organizations of the two countries such sports and culture among others. However, to make a strong cooperation our two countries to create youth diplomatic cooperation such as cooperation between global youth parliament chapter of The Gambia and Tunisia,” the statement said.


“The two GYP chapters must begin, first of all, by visiting each other in order to consolidate and build a new youths relationship based on mutual cooperation,” Mr Ali Mami said. He added that the two chapters will create a motivated youths who can play an important role in the development of the society, to advance the current technology, education, politics, and development projects. “Moreover, to make all that, we need to know the specialty of each person because each specialty can facilitate us and the two governments to know what we need. So, to create a new vision between Tunisia and Gambia from the short to the long term is achieved only by the youth not by the current governments because youths are the only one who is capable to change the present and make a good future,” he

said. The Global Youth Parliament (GYP) is found in more than 45 countries.