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GAP appoints new deputy leader

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By Omar Bah

The national executive of the Gambia Action Party has announced the appointment of Omar Beyai as deputy party secretary general and party leader.
Party secretary general Musa Batchilly welcomed Mr Beyai’s appointment and expressed his delight, saying all are equal in GAP.

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He said Beyai’s decision to join GAP showed his love for the country, and his intelligence and foresight means he can add value to the party’s cause.
“If you give this country to the GAP, you will see development that has never been seen here before,” he said.

Until the announcement, Mr Beyai was associated with the yet-to-be registered Gambia People’s Party, GPP.
Beyai, who communicated his acceptance of the appointment to the GAP leadership from his base in Sierra Leone yesterday morning, said joining the party is the conclusion of efforts dating months.
“Today, in the interest of the development of the country, I Omar Beyai, have decided to submit to GAP,” he said.

Beyai said he did not join GAP because he was seeking a position, adding, “If I am given a position, I will fulfill it to the letter but I am not here to challenge anybody’s authority”.
“I joined GAP because I believe it is the only party that can deliver this country to the promised land. I urge every Gambian with a voter’s card to vote for GAP in the 2021 presidential election. Voting for us will reflect voting for progress. I will seize this opportunity to urge Gambians to remain united in our daily commitments. Let us not allow our political differences divide us,” he advised.

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