GAP reacts to massive drug seizure


Press release

The Gambia Action Party is aware of the current state in the country regarding the security threats. Recently, the biggest drug seizure at the port is commendable.

We appreciated the service of the Interpol staff and Drug Law Enforcement Agency in dealing with the interception and call on the government to be more vigilant as well as introduce robust security measures. The GAP led government shall give zero tolerance in drug trafficking and perpetrators will be brought to justice without any regret.


In this final year of President Barrow-led government, we endeavour to recommend security measures to prevent the recurrence, ensure peace and stability and avert crime rates in the Gambia for the benefit of our people and it’ll be a continuous process after we resume office in 2022.

In a time when the tragedy strikes the nation, we must come together and eradicate our differences guided by commonalities, hope and put ideas together that will ensure realistic progress and growth. The government must ensure that the Gambia is not turned into drug trafficking zone by cartels as similar practices occurred in our history. Our country must not be seen as drug transit zone by our foreign partners just for the interest of the criminal minority gangs.

We call on the president’s to be more vigilant and ensure that the confiscated tons of drugs are secured by independent security personnel and not the other way round to protect, maintain and safeguard the good images of our nation. In the service of the Gambian people, we establish GAP to develop the Gambia in the hands of the sovereign owners of the land.

Secretary General and party leader of GAP, Hon. Musa Ousainou Yali Batchilly.