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GCCI warns against price hiking of rice

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By Momodou Torp

The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry is warning against a recent increase in the cost of goods, particularly rice.

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Some businesses have increased the price of rice from D1150 to D1200 recently, leading the GCCI boss, Alieu Secka to warn against what he calls price hiking.

A number of consumers have condemned this development, which comes despite a zero-tax policy on basic commodities like rice in the country
Mr Secka told The Standard that businesses should be reasonable and affordable to the consumers. “They [business people] should be rational in their pricing,” he said.

One Molamin Jallow, a businessman, said of the issue: “If price of rice is increasing every year, where are we headed especially looking at our living conditions. For a small country like The Gambia, cost of commodities like food should not be an issue.”
According to him, government should take steps against the “so-called free market policy.”
“During the days of Jawara regime, the country was nice and prices of commodities were compared to recent years,” he added.

Kaddy Manneh, a vendor said: “I am a petty vendor at the market selling vegetables. I earn less than the cost of a bag of rice in a month, so, it would be very hard for people like me to afford a bag if prices are increasing yearly despite zero tax imposed on basic commodities.”

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