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Great green wall frontline, partners launch national citizens assembly, green wall blueprint

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By Olimatou Coker

In its quest to promote grassroots participation in environmental sustainability, The Great Green Wall Frontline implemented by Gambia, in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Natural Resources has recently  launched the national citizens assembly and green wall blueprint at Kairaba Beach Hotel.

The launching was aimed at promoting inclusive agricultural governance and sustainable development.

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The Great Green Wall Initiative signifies a collective commitment to combating climate change, restoring ecosystems, and securing a sustainable future for the continent.

The Great Green Wall Frontline national citizens assembly is Africa’s first rural-led climate assembly, where frontline communities actively participate in shaping a National Action Plan for the Great Green Wall.

This plan is co-created by those mostly impacted by climate change and environmental degradation. It signifies a powerful and innovative step towards inclusive environmental governance and sustainable development.

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Bubu Pateh Jallow, chief technical adviser at the ecosystem-based adaptation project, launched the blueprint symbolizing a positive step towards environmental sustainability.

He said the great green wall  frontline is a testament to the power of collective action. “And together, we will ensure that our lands flourish and communities thrive and hope is restored”.

Maimuna Jabbie, lead director, Great Green Wall Frontline, emphasized the movement’s crucial role in achieving the great green wall’s objectives.

She said the Great Green Wall is the most ambitious project the world has ever known in terms of climate change.

“We’ve been working with the communities in terms of contribution to this vision of restoring at least 1000 kilometers of trees from Senegal all the way to Djibouti sequestering 100 tons  of carbon and of course creating 33 million jobs and reforest in all of most of these degraded lands that will consist of at least 250 million trees.”

Harriet King, British High Commissioner to The Gambia, reaffirmed the United Kingdom’s commitment to supporting initiatives like the Great Green Wall frontline movement.

“To use the wise words of King Charles III, a healthy planet is the foundation for a thriving society. The United Kingdom in alignment with this philosophy remains dedicated to supporting initiatives that address climate change, and environmental sustainability. Together, we embark on a journey towards a greener, more resilient future, reflecting not only the aspirations of the Gambia, but also the shared values of the international community.”

Lamin Saidykhan, the Governor of North Bank Region, expressed his gratitude for the Great Green Wall initiative, describing it as a beacon of hope for a region deeply impacted by climate change.

“My region has borne witness to the harsh reality of environmental degradation, making the Great Green Wall Initiative a beacon for hope for my people. Their unwavering commitment to our region has been instrumental in empowering our communities and fostering sustainable development. Through their support, we have embarked on a journey that harnesses the original knowledge and expertise of my people to address the unique challenges posed by climate change.”

He added that the launching of the Great Green Wall blueprint holds immense significance for the North Bank Region as it not only highlights the importance of indigenous knowledge in tackling climate change, but also underscored the need for tailored solutions that address the specific needs of each community.

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