German police support team member Stadtrecher patronises Gambian sports


Gambian football teams continue to benefit from the benevolence of German clubs who provide equipment on regular basis since 2020.

The packages come through the initiative of Sven Stadtrecher, a senior German policeman and member of the German police support team in The Gambia. The team trains and equip Gambia police force under a bilateral project with the Baden-Württemberg State Police.

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 Since arriving in The Gambia for the first time in 2020 Stadtrecher, a youth football coach with long term experience including an 8 year-sting at FC Astoria Walldorf, have been bringing excess set of jerseys from German football teams for donation to Gambian teams, mainly in the Greater Banjul Area.


Over the years, more than 50 sets of jerseys and 500 shoes have been collected and donated to Gambian teams mainly from the Karlsruhe and Heidelberg areas of southwest Germany.

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In the latest donation, Stadtrecher presented 5 sets of jerseys and about 60 pairs of shoes to Hans Football Academy in Bundung.

Hassan Badjie, president of Hans thanked Mr Stadtrecher and his collaborators in Germany for the donation which he said would go a long way to help his academy develop its pool of raw talents.