Retired international referee and executive member of the Gambia Football Federation Alagie Faye has announced he is endorsing Sadibou Kamaso, another former executive committee member who is aspiring to contest the presidency in August against incumbent Lamin Kaba Bajo.

Faye made this disclosure in an inclusive interview with The Standard. Mr Faye explained that he has to take this decision because he wants football to be in safer hands going into the future.” I have been in football for decades and I have dillgenly served the Kaba regime and have even compiled two files covering the running of Gambian football from 2014- 2018, which I called Was it in Safe Hands? and another I called “Who will bear these responsibilities? covering 2018- 2022”, Mr Faye said.

 He added that he has no personal problems with President Bajo or his colleagues whom he thanked very much for a cordial and personal relationship.”But football is a national affair and I take my decision for the national interest and urge all stakeholders to elect Kamaso for the same national reasons. I am however ready to take on anyone who doubts my conviction that football needs change. My two files here are up to date with reasons why I think football leadership must change,” Faye concluded.