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Team-Kamaso demands GS to quit Electoral Committee


Team Restore Confidence the campaign team of GFF presidential aspirant Sadibou Kamaso has written a letter to the GFF electoral committee, demanding that the General Secretary of the GFF Lamin Jassey, recuses himself from the committee in the interest of fair play.

The letter, distributed to the media alledged that Mr Jassey actively campaigned for the Kaba- Camp and therefore his presence as sectertetay to the electoral committee will disadvantage opponents of the Kaba –regime.

According a law passed by the GFF general assembly, the GS should serve in the electoral committee as secretary, but the Kamaso camp said this is not in the spirit of fair play especially if the person concern has shown loyalty to one camp.” His role as secretary to the electoral committee means that he would receive nomination papers for candidates and this would not be treated fairly since he is supporting one side,” an official of the team told The Standard illustrating their point.

 The Kamaso team also urged the electoral committee to take their role with fairness and not allow GFF executive members to set a date for the election or interfere in any electoral process.

Reacting to these claims, the GS of the GFF Lamin Jassey said the accusation by the Kamaso team is just an opinion but it is far from the truth. ”My role in the electoral committee is sanctioned by the law passed by the general assembly.  I have no influence on electoral matters as my role stops at administrative matters and I will deliver that without fear or favour. I have served in this position during previous elections and have not been found wanting,” Jassey said.

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