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Global Fund delegates visit Bansang hospital

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By Aminata Kuyateh

One of The Gambia’s pivotal healthcare institutions in CRR, Saturday welcomed delegates from the Global Fund for a comprehensive tour of the Bansang District Hospital.

The Global Fund delegates are in The Gambia to launch a new grant cycle worth $40.9 million from 2024-2027.

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The visit signifies an important milestone in the ongoing collaboration between The Gambia and international health organizations to improve the country’s healthcare infrastructure and tackle pressing health challenges.

The delegates were received by hospital officials and representatives from the Ministry of Health. Dr. Ousainou Njie, chief executive officer, led the delegation on a comprehensive tour of the facility.

The tour included visits to the maternity ward, pediatric unit, and the newly established oxygen plant. The delegates were given detailed presentations on the hospital’s operations, its current challenges, and recent improvements funded by international partners.

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During the visit, the Global Fund delegates engaged in discussions with hospital staff gaining first hand insights into the healthcare delivery system at Bansang. They observed the implementation of Global Fund-supported programs, particularly those focusing on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. These programs have been crucial in reducing disease prevalence and improving patient outcomes.

Deborah Asante Luisier, fund portfolio manager, highlighted the importance of sustainable partnerships and local engagement in achieving long-term health improvements.

“Our visit to Bansang hospital and Manneh Kunda has reaffirmed our commitment to supporting health care systems in the Gambia. The Progressive we have seen is encouraging, but there is still much work that needs to be done”, she stated.

Madam Luisier assured to continue the collaboration with the government and local communities to ensure that everyone has access to quality healthcare.

Dr. Ousainou Njie highlighted the impact of Global Fund’s support, stating, With the resources and support from the Global Fund, we’ve been able to enhance our diagnostic capabilities and provide better care for our patients. However, there is still much to be done to ensure that our services meet the growing needs of the population.

The Gambia government has welcomed the Global Fund’s continued support, Momodou Nyassi, acting director of health services who accompanied the delegations, emphasized the government’s commitment to improving healthcare services.

“The partnership with Global Fund has been vital in addressing our healthcare challenges. We look forward to expanding these initiatives and ensuring sustainable health outcomes for all Gambians,” Dr. Nyassi remarked.

Following the hospital visit, the delegation traveled to Manneh Kunda in CRR, a community recognized for its proactive health interventions. The Global Fund has been working closely with local organisations to implement programs aimed at combating malaria, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis diseases that disproportionately affect rural communities.

Local leaders in Manneh Kunda also expressed their appreciation and pledged to maintain the momentum of the health interventions.

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