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GMC accuses NPP of violating Covid-19 regulations

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By Omar Bah

The Gambia Moral Congress has accused President Barrow’s National People’s Party of disregarding Covid-19 emergency regulations by engaging in relentless political gatherings that break every law under the state of public emergency.

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“If the president’s own political party has taken the lead in breaking the laws with impunity, it sets the stage for everyone to now disregard those same laws and regulations,” GMC said in a statement seen by The Standard.

The GMC further argued: “It shows law enforcement agencies have been conditioned to revert to the old days, reversing all the gains made under Hon. Mai Ahmad Fatty as the Minister of Interior. These people should have been arrested for flouting the SoPE regulations, charged and prosecuted. Since NPP emerged, disobedience to the law has assumed unprecedented proportions in this country. It is a shame that the Government would declare a new SoPE with restrictive conditions, and the next minute the top leadership of the NPP openly and publicly authorised its supporters to flout our laws and regulations without consequences. This is the type of leadership the NPP offers – total disrespect and disregard for the law.”

The GMC charged that the NPP demonstrates they are above the law and should not be trusted. “This is shameful and we must all unite to STOP this potential cancer now before it invades the body. This sort of reckless conduct by the NPP could potentially launch this country into chaos and instability with perilous consequences. We urge all Gambians and other political parties to continue to observe public health advisory and shun the terrible example of the NPP and its leadership by undermining the Ministry of Health.

This SoPE is now intended to give undue political advantage to the NPP. It is a fraudulent declaration. As a result of all these illegalities, many of us embrace #IamMadiJobarteh campaign. A law breaker has no moral authority to accuse anyone of law breaking. The NPP should understand that the power of the incumbency will not avail them. No one is afraid and no one will be intimidated,” the

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