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GRA boss warns money-seeking ‘unscrupulous’ workers

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The Commissioner General of Gambia Revenue Authority, has sent a strong warning to ‘unscrupulous elements’ of the revenue authority who demand money from people to facilitate to acquire taxpayers identification number.
Yankuba Darboe said effect from 1 January 2019, taxpayer identification number is free of charge from any GRA offices.
Darboe went on to condemn those ‘elements’ who always smuggle to demand hundred dalasi to facilitate TIN for people, which is “unacceptable and illegal” as far as the GRA is concern.

Darboe said it has come to his notice that these “undesirable elements still sit at a corner at the GRA office gates and request money from people who come to look for TIN at GRA Offices.”
He warned that anyone found wanting, will face the music.
He seized the opportunity to advise the general public to “be careful” and not deal with these “undesirable elements who wants to make ends meet overnight [an] illegal way.
He urged the general public to reject and report anybody engaging in such.
Darboe also advised people to try to honour their tax obligations, which he said “is very crucial for our national development”.

He also commended the GRA Management and staff for what he calls “their commitment and dedication to national development and for ensuring that GRA registered unprecedented success performance in 2018.
“We need the cooperation of the taxpayers to respect the revenue laws and pay their taxes on time.”

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