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The guide to a sovereign republic

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To enlighten the minds from obscenity, citizens of the Gambia, ought to realise that, there is no journey to success without guidance, be it weak or strong, honest or dishonest, truthful or deceitful but the fact behind all is, no other but there must be guidance. On the minds of the honest souls, understandings and the literates would highly and strongly commend Halifa, the true guide for a sovereign republic for the citizens of the Gambia if they haven’t abandoned the cabinet for the pleasure of the toilet. For if we blink our eyes to clear our sights, why can’t we attest from the best of our words if only we are fair to ourselves and have sincere concern for humanity. We have gotten to a point where we should repay our debt of honour, benignity, gratitude, honesty and love to Halifa. Would you mind recalling up from the past editions where I stated that, this is to clear, formulate, elucidate and wipe off the wrongful and misleading thoughts from the minds of the misinformed. This act, based on points of view, is going beyond its purpose. Halifa has done beyond expectation which in actual sense has gone across the boundary of indulgence. For a perfect assumption of humanity, it was necessary for Halifa to be like any other in all points, instead Halifa crossed tooth to reach the tongue of justice, which can transform our weaknesses to hopes which diametrically attributed him a perfect divine being of this land. In short, a strange contrast is brought to light when we witnessed the great extraordinary role played by Halifa during the past political impasse. Directly or indirectly, knowingly or unknowingly, our lives, peace and the stability of the Gambia lied on the shoulders of Halifa, which without his care, love and passion for the citizens of the Gambia could result us an extreme suffering that could ride on our backs from the cradle to the grave.

The silent stone on his tomb in the political line and atmosphere in the Gambia would surely have spoken to the coming generations that he was the kind and self-sacrificing leader, who tirelessly lent a helping hand to his people and the citizens of the Gambia at large to attain an entrusted citizenship, liberty, democracy and sovereignty under his political will, coupled with his intellectual abilities of reasoning. In these words, although literally, it shows us that Halifa is not beyond the boundary of excellence but it also tells us that he is neither beneath nor below the actual boundary of excellence. As I have already alluded to, many of the allegations were raised to create disdain towards Halifa and to dirty the mode of politics of the Gambia and also discourage the followers of Halifa and those who love him. This without proper usage of senses could cause partisan disorder. For many are not concerned about right or wrong but more consciously, should be concerned of what matters at censuring unfound words. The Gambia is a sovereign republic, that each of you is each sovereign as stated in the constitution, therefore without the weak usage of our tongues, we should always do by the purpose of sovereignty. To me, it seems quite ridiculous and irrational that one could falsely criticize. At this point I understand that politics compromises many things but that is contrary to the concept it is viewed, this as a point of view, must be clear and certain. Some love to allege but dislike to be told the truth but the fact betrays only fickleness and feebleness of mind of the dishonest. Halifa has gone beyond many points just for the interest of the Gambia and her citizens, some of which has been seen, witnessed and attested to both nationally and globally. Halifa’s love for the Gambia has been recognised throughout the globe for which would serve as a lasting monument of his noble sacrifice, then would every sensible person have praised him for the trouble and the hardship which he bore for his people and the Gambia in general.

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He is that honest leader whose loyalty, honesty, straight-forwardness, truthfulness and sincerity’s been commended by most of the loyal citizens of the Gambia; in the actual use of senses. Many must look at the efforts and sacrifices of Halifa with regard as well and praise his efforts. The efforts and sacrifices by Halifa possess such a status that cannot be compared to the effort of any other person. Nonetheless, the PDOIS has no political grudges, jealousy or political criticism against any party, for they are busy on their political campaigns and loyally serving the interest of the people, contrary to the understanding of the people that if the other militants and enthusiasts are doing in the same way, then we shall be free from misleading thoughts. However, what makes a man is his or her mode of thinking. Many of the unbearable allegations have been raised against Halifa, some of which include, he is tribalist, hypocrite and many more related to such. Our able reasoning tells us that, one with such human characters is detested the most and therefore has no promising future. If Halifa was tribalist, first and foremost his party wouldn’t have consisted of different tribes, instead the PDOIS party consist of all the tribes in the Gambia which includes Fula, Jola, Mandinka, Wolof and all other major tribes respectively. This is known to many and the party would have been addressed if only it consists of the Wolof tribe. Secondly a tribalist in its broad definition is defined as ‘an advocate or practitioner of strong loyalty to one’s own tribe or social group’. Should this define the word “tribalist” to our satisfaction, then it should have been obvious to us that Halifa is not tribalist because his dream, interest, love and helps he offers for the interest and the betterment of the country, has gone far beyond the boundary of a tribe or group. Thirdly, a tribalist most of whom we know, can only speak the language of their only tribe but Halifa is eloquent in his mother tongue, and perfectly fluent in Mandinka much more than you and I. If Halifa was a tribalist, his love would have only been felt by his tribe, rather his love encompasses the entire Gambia literally and the world at large. These points ought to sensitise us at least to the foundation of our humane understandings to know, how, what and who a tribalist is. More precisely, many of these critics and falsehood allegations are done by misleading and unidentified personnel. Most of whom without doubt are purposely doing such without interest.

By Kebba Mamburay
To be continued.

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