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Humanity First donates 400 chairs to Masroor

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By Amadou Jadama

Humanity First International, a nonprofit charitable organisation with branches around the world, recently donated 400 chairs to Masroor Senior Secondary School at Old Yundum.

The donation from the Humanity First USA Branch was facilitated by Yankuba Sinayoko, Director of Operations and Food Safety (Humanity First Gambia), during his visit to the United States. According to Mr Sinayoko, he made the appeal during a meeting with the HF Team led by Munum Naeem, the Chairman of Humanity First USA.

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“It was during that meeting that we reached the conclusion that Masroor Senior Secondary School urgently needed chairs for their hall. So over 400 chairs were put together and shipped to The Gambia,” he said.

He said the chairs cost over $5,500 (D400,000), adding that Humanity First USA is willing to expand tits support in other areas like health, agriculture, the provision of clean water, and food security.

Ibrahima Bayo, principal of the school, expressed delight over the donation, which he said will help the school a great deal.

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“These are the first chairs we received since the hall was built in 2018. Before the coming of the chairs, we used to take classroom chairs to the hall, but with these chairs, that burden will be addressed,” he said.

He said the school is very relieved by the magnanimous gesture and profoundly commended Humanity First for the foresight.

Principal Bayo assured the donors that the chairs would be used for their intended purpose.

“We will do our utmost to protect and preserve them,” he said.

Saikou Camara, the school’s head boy, thanked Humanity First for the benevolent.

Built in 2005 by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat, Masroor Senior Secondary School today has over 1,400 students. It is also among the top four performing schools in the country.

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