Hussain Dada ‘dripping’ in Dubai!

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With Nyima Bah

Runway Entertainment-signed Artist Hussain Dada, on Wednesday, 17th February, posted a video on social media showing himself freestyling live at FIVE Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

Although it’s not clear why he travelled to the Middle East, sources close to the rapper say, he flew to Dubai with his Nigerian CEO Oga Jay. The two are staying at a penthouse hotel and would be there for a month. 

Hussain is part of the first artistes to be signed to Runway Entertainment which is owned by Mr Jay. Runway is a record label based in The Gambia and Nigeria.


Oga Jay is said to be making major strides in marketing artistes signed by him. He was recently seen in a photo online with the Gambian rapper in Dubai captioned: “Runway Ent, Big announcement soon”.