Injured officer accuses police of negligence


By Aisha Tamba

Sub-Inspector Seedy Gibba, a police officer, has accused Gambia Police Force of neglecting him after he sustained injury in an accident while on duty.

The 55-year-old policeman said he fell off his motorbike in a collision during an incident in Farafenni in February 2021.


He has been left with a fracture on his hip, causing him to walk with a stick. 

Speaking to The Standard, Mr. Gibba said he’s been a police officer for 19 years and served in various police stations.

“I was given a unit to inspect donkey carts and the motorbikes from Senegal who come to Farafenni without papers, and sometimes cause accidents because they use them as taxis. On this particular day we were having an exercise and arrested many motorcyclists and escorted them to the police station. The last person I was trying to escort refused to enter the police station and he was trying to escape to get into Senegal. While trying to escape with the motorbike, he hit the truck and I had a hip fracture. Since then, I have not received any support. I am a bread winner with two wives and three children. It has been 1 year 4 months and I am yet to receive support from anywhere. Nobody came to ask about my condition. Nobody from the police ever called me since this happened to me. I could not find answers as to why I am being treated like this with contempt after all these years I have served the force,” the policeman lamented. 

He said he has visited the hospital on several occasions and was given a medical report which he submitted to the Police but no actions were taken.

“I took the report and until today there is no response from the police. I also took it to the office of the Ombudsman but nothing came out of it. At this moment I am very desperate and I don’t know what to do. The doctors said that the amount for my surgery is D60, 000. And I am pleading for help from the general public,” inspector Gibba implores.

The Standard contacted police spokesperson, superintendent Lamin Njie to respond to these allegations of neglect but he is yet to respond.