Jawara Foundation renovates Mosque


The Aboubakary Jawara Foundation, a charity founded by the Chief Executive Officer of GACH, has donated D32, 000 to fund the renovation of a Mosque in Kerr Dekodeh village. The donation followed an appeal made by the villagers for the renovation of the 15 year old Mosque.

The roofs of the Mosque were badly damaged and had started linking badly. The donation covered the cost of 7 packets of curragate. The donation was highly welcomed by the village Imam, Mamadou Bah, who thanked and prayed for Abubakary Jawara for his benevolent gesture. “We appreciate the donation and it will go a long way in fulfilling the project. I wish you and your family all the best of luck and protection,” he said.

The Foundation which was launched a few weeks ago is established to support the needy and the poor.