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Kexx arrested for false kidnapping claim

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There has been a dramatic twist in the fast-developing story of Kemeseng Sanneh’s kidnapping claim, with the police now saying he has been arrested for giving a false information and accused him of ‘involvement in fraudulent marabout scam’.

Kexx, as he is widely known, claimed he was kidnapped by unidentified masked men who pushed him into a car and held him for two days before dumping him at a cemetery, with a warning that if he does not stop what he is doing it would be the end of him.

 Kexx is a member of the PDOIS, well admired for his dedication to not just his party but general enlightenment of the masses on political matters.  His purported kidnapping therefore agitated Gambians at home and abroad who blamed it on the country’s insecurity.

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However, from the onset many other people cast doubt over his claims, arguing there are many unanswered questions in his explanation.

Yesterday, the police who mounted an investigation into the matter, came out with this preliminary finding as reported on their Poliso Magazine online:  

“The Police High Command wishes to inform the public that Kemeseng Sanneh known as Kexx Sanneh is currently under arrest and helping the Police in their investigations.

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His arrest came following a case report he filed at the Police Station on Saturday 27th March 2021, alleging he was kidnapped by unidentified individuals.

He claimed to have been dumped at Erinjang Cemetery on the 24th March 2021, which information he knew to be false and misleading.

The Crime Investigation Department opened a swift investigation into the circumstances leading to his alleged kidnapping with a view to prosecute anyone found responsible in accordance with the Laws.

However, investigations revealed that, Kemeseng Sanneh was never kidnapped or abducted by any individual.

Sufficient evidence gathered showed that he was not kidnapped and placed in a car as alleged; but instead, he spent that very night in his house with a Marabout from Senegal who’s service he hired.

Further investigations revealed that Kemeseng Sanneh was involved in a fraudulent marabout scam, details of which are subject of further investigations.

The GPF High Command hereby commend the public for the swift response in providing relevant information useful to the Investigation.

Members of the public are further encouraged to be law abiding and warned against spreading false and misleading information on crime for any reason.

The Police is also applying due diligence in ensuring the safety of Kemeseng as he continues to help in the investigations”.

Meanwhile, until press time the PDOIS did not comment on the matter and a planned press meeting on the matter was reportedly postponed.

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