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Let’s celebrate Gina Bass

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A twenty-four year old Gambian girl Gina Bass is the fastest girl in Africa.

Gina Bass recently won gold for The Gambia when she came out first in the 200m race in Rabat, Morocco, at The African Games.

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The sprinter achieved this feat through sheer determination and hard work.

Earlier, she was defeated in the 100m race by her Ivorian counterpart but that did not deter her; instead, it propelled her to worker hard to achieve this accolade.

Gina was heard earlier in an interview in which she revealed that she was regarded by many back home as the poorest Olympian as she doesn’t even own a car or a house or any luxurious item.

She is however propelled by love of country and the sport.

This is a rare feat which should be celebrated in the country as she has brought honour to the nation.

Celebrating her will enthuse the younger ones to aspire to follow in her footsteps or do more.

One of the problems of this country is that Gambians do not celebrate and honour their champions which can be a catalyst to better things.

Additionally, sports is sports regardless of the particular discipline.

Be it football, volleyball, basketball or athletics.

All sporting disciplines should be given the support and recognition they deserve.

It will be prudent therefore to celebrate Gina Bass for her great achievement.

Congratulations Gina Bass!

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