Lotto’s combine draw reveals massive winners


Each of the winners got 7,692 dalasi. Among them is one Nana Essuman who said he spent just 60 dalasi to buy four tickets one of which won him the 5 correct numbers. 

The draw also revealed 201 winners of 4 correct numbers with each getting 500 dalasi. The rest of the winners totalling over 3000 people got either 3 or 2 correct numbers which earned them two and one free tickets respectively.

Meanwhile, Lotto was in Brufut over the weekend participating as one of the sponsors of the Brufut marathon.


Sales Director Mamadi Ceesay said he was impressed with the organisation of the event especially the work of the many volunteers drawn from the red cross, Scout and others.  “I myself was the DJ for the day taking care of the public address system. It was a new experience but a very good one for me,” he said.  According to Mr Ceesay, life is all about learning new things every day. ‘That’s one of the advices I used to give to our agents and they are doing a great job in developing new skills every day,” he noted. Mr Ceesay thanked all their customers for their patience and loyalty. “Lotto is a worldwide product and it is well known for its Saturday live draws all around the World,” he reminded customers.



The results for the 17 and 24 January combined draw.  

Winning numbers : 24-01-31-16-28-04

5  Correct numbers: 26 people and each will have D7692

4  Correct numbers: 201 people and each will have D500 

3 Correct numbers: 731 people each will have 2 free tickets 

2  Correct numbers: 2534 people and each will have 1 free ticket each. Next draw is January 31 on GRTS at 21.25 pm