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Marie Sock urges parties to disown MPs who take SUVs

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By Alagie Manneh

Ex-presidential aspirant, Marie Sock, has called on political parties to abandon their elected National Assembly Members who purchased expensive SUVs.

She said that’s the only way the Gambian electorate will consider them as serious and principled parties.

Ever since controversy emerged over the purchase of the D2.5M SUVs for NAMs, political parties except the GDC have so far made no public stand on the matter.

But the fiery female politician said that has to change if the parties are serious about one day forming a government.

“You see, discipline starts from the party, and political parties have to renounce their NAMs who take these vehicles for personal luxury. Any party that does that will be seen as the party with principles. But at the moment, everybody is quiet from the NPP down to the UDP,” Ms Sock said in a marathon interview with The Standard.

She said ordinary Gambians too should monitor the attitude of the parties over this matter and judge which party practices what it preaches.

She said contrary to what is being said in some sections, the SUVs will in fact be a burden on the NAMs considering their salary scale and the likely maintenance bill. “Taking these cars is not even in their interest. The irony is that they are likely more expensive than the houses they live in. But because they want to sit in nice cars and drive to impress young girls. That is the norm now. Beautiful cars at the expense of national development,” Ms Sock lamented.

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