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Monday, January 25, 2021

May Day Sports Special Report

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New additions, the eating and dressing competition added to the thrills and produced tense arguments. The organisers received some strong points of praises in one of the new additions. The dressing competition was greeted with wide appreciation not least because of the spectacle of watching semi-naked service men compete to dress fully in limited time before racing to report to an improvised reporting point with a salute. The rules state the winner must be the first to report fully dressed with all the right gear and other embellishments of the uniform. It was as hilarious as the much established Tug of War and others.

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However controversy erupted when the verdict was given. The Police candidate was judged by many to be the winner, but the organisers declared the Army candidate winner. Pictures taken of both on the spot seemed to show the soldier’s vest was not fully covered by the uniform around the neck.

But that was just one of many contentious decisions the Organising Committee made to separate competitors with opposing claims and counter claims. In the end though everyone with any grievance complained and left , never letting  the few organisational mishaps to spoil an otherwise great day of fun and camaraderie the event is well known for.

However some delegates strongly believed  the Sports Council should call for a review meeting with team representatives to seriously address these flaws for before they snowballed from petty disagreements into monstrous  fanatical quarrels that  can spoil all the fun inherent in the event.

Elsewhere on the pitch though the Army needed no fruiter bout of luck to grab their traditional Tug of War trophy. They beat SSHFC in two rounds in the final and the last action of the day.


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