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Murdered soldier’s mother says no forgiveness for son’s killers


By Mafugi Ceesay

The mother of Tumani Jallow, the soldier who was reportedly killed by agents of the state after he was accused of burning down the former ruling party’s headquarters, has vowed never to forgive his killers.

Mrs Binta Camara of Foni Somita told The Standard yesterday: “The killers of my son will never be in peace in this world and in the hereafter. They will never know peace because they have deprived me of my peace and that of my family when they killed our breadwinner.”

“Since my son’s death, I hardly sleep at night or take delight in eating food. My life has been completely shattered. It has devastated the entire family too. Until today, no one can tell me what my son has done wrong. If at all he committed a crime, it was to buy a bag of rice for his friend who was allegedly part of those who burnt down the APRC bureau. Or was it because Tumani received a telephone call from his office line from an international number and they suspected him and killed him?” Madame Camara demanded to know.

The misty-eyed old woman recollected that Tumani “was only questioned on whether he knew how his friend escaped to the US and whether he was part of those who attacked the APRC bureau.”

“Despite telling the investigating team that he was not part of the attackers and arsonists, they still went ahead and killed him,” she alleged.

Although Mrs Camara did not appear at the ongoing truth commission, other witnesses testified about Tumani’s case and a member of the Junglers detailed his killing.

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