Oko Drammeh appointed goodwill ambassador for youth and sports


Oko Drammeh the former producer and promotion manager of the Infangbondi band has been appointed as goodwill ambassador for Youth & Sports.

A statement from MoYs said Drammeh is appointed in appreciation and recognition of his outstanding contribution and exemplary commitment, involvement in youth development and empowerment.
He is tasked to support the vision and mission of the ministry, strengthening the outreach and impact in societies locally and abroad, promoting the sports for all and other things that are true to his knowledge and convince will promote youth development.



About Oko
According to the Los Angeles Times, Oko Drammeh has produced more concerts and festivals of African musicians than anyone else in the world.

Oko has also contributed immensely to the growth and promotion of African music.
A disk jockey, producer and ethnomusicologist, Oko is well known for putting on concerts all over the world, the biggest being the annual African Music Festival that attracted over 10, 000 attendees.