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Our football woes

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It is increasingly becoming a nightmare to watch or follow Gambian football with any degree of enthusiasm .

In fact, the situation is so bad that both the faithful pariotic fans and officials, technical or administrative, have now all seemingly run out of ideas as to just what is the problem afflicting Gambian football.

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For many years the question keeps coming, is it the players, lack of resources, or the absence of technical and administrative structures? Well, there is never enough money but national associations including The Gambia now have lots of developmental programmes funded by Fifa, and if the GFF’ s rhetoric is anything to go by , there have been concrete steps taken towards putting the local game on a sound administrative and technical footing. Players too have been well taken care of, to the best of the ability of the GFF .

And Football House is now happy that government is chipping in here and there sometimes.

A foreign coach has been hired to take charge of the boys.

Yet no tangible results have been realised at the senior level for years unending.

The recent exit from the World Cup qualifiers to Angola is just another example.

The Gambia just seem to be learning lessons from one disappointment to the other .

Already talks have started that we should learn lessons from the Angola tie to prepare for the Djibouti tie in the AFCON qualifiers.

While we wish the boys another very big luck on October 7th, against Djibouti, we and indeed the never-tiring Gambian fans continue to hope that we will break the jinx for once and break through to the elite competitions by eliminating Djibouti for a start.

Without getting to the AfCON at least, the Gambian peoples’ huge appetite for football cannot sadly be fed by the local game. We must do something, and now.

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