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Presidential adviser not bothered by NAM’s threats

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By Omar Bah

The deputy youth presidential adviser Lamin Saidy has said he is not bothered by National Assembly member Madi Ceesay’s threat to take legal action against him for allegedly accusing him of inciting the public to attack the police.

A few hours after the killing of two policemen on Tuesday night, Mr Saidy wrote the following on his Facebook: “Madi Ceesay and your team, two officers were shot dead days after you and your party colleagues called for attacks on PIU officers. I hope you are happy. I am not sure if you are happy, but two are dead and one is in critical condition. As I write this, I am facing the dead bodies, and your names keep coming to mind”.

NAM Ceesay has since threatened to take legal action against him.

But in a reaction shared with The Standard yesterday evening, Mr Saidy wrote: “I will not retract that call against Madi Ceesay. I will be happy to go to court with him. Madi should publicly apologise and resign as chairperson of the National Assembly Human Rights Committee.

“I did not accuse him but stated the fact. I never said he wrote anything but sharing that post on his Facebook was a clear indication of his approval of the content. He shared without attaching any message. He cannot deny that because he was on record to have acknowledged that he shared the post.

I have never written anything about Madi but was concerned about his conduct as a sitting National Assembly Member. Holders of such offices are supposed to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their responsibility,” he argued.

He added: “Madi should be bold enough to own up to his recklessness. His behaviour was dishonourable. He took me seriously because he knew the current situation. I never said he kills but was among the people who supported the call for people to attack officers. Let me quote the post he shared: “Guys this is Malick Saine he’s the animal who cowardly attacked Fa Lang Sonko. Please find out where he lives and make sure he paid the price for his cowardly attack on an elderly man who is old enough to be his father. Eye for eye is the only way to put an end to this”.

Saidy said Madi cannot decide for him what to do. ”Let us meet in court and I will be happy to prove to the world what he did,” he said.

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