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Principal of evicted Quranic school calls for gov’t’s intervention

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By Omar Bah

The Principal of Sunain Foundation Boarding School for Quranic Memorisation and Islamic Studies has called on the government to immediately intervene and rescue the school after they were forcefully evicted Monday. The school, which was stationed at Ansumana Manneh’s home along the Sukuta-Jabang Road, was forced to evacuate after an eviction order from the Sheriff’s Division. The 150 students and staff were thrown out by armed PIU officers. The school principal Ousman Camara told The Standard yesterday they were not informed about the eviction order. “They just came this morning and asked us to vacate the place – before we could even say anything they started throwing our materials outside. I feel very bad seeing my students treated in such an inhumane manner,” he said.

Oustas Camara said the school had requested to be given about six weeks to complete its new place and transfer but their appeal was ignored.

“We want to appeal to all Gambians, especially the government, to come to our aid because we have lost almost everything during the eviction. We are currently hosted at the new Muslim High School complex but we are given only two weeks relocate,” Camara said.

He said the young Quranic students are devastated and shocked by the eviction.

“These are very young children, some of them have not witnessed anything like this before in their life. So, I was really down and I felt sorry for the children,” he said. Camara said the school management needs urgent support.

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