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Prophet Muhammad, the human gold

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Kebba S Juwara

Born in the furthest  region of the desert

The furthest from modern civilization

In the most deprived city from rain and vegetation 

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Yet he rose the city into the most visited place on earth and convergent point of fruits of all kinds

Given birth to, in the midst of the most ignorant

In the era of arrogance and ignorance

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With hearts filled with rancor against each other 

Yet he became the epitome and orient of knowledge

And united the hearts of the dwellers of the city and beyond

Grew up in the epicenter of idol worship

The genesis of decadence and barbarism 

Within men with rotten hearts and rusting souls

Yet The Most Beloved of Allah shone among them like a gold in the midst of iron 

He became the educator

The vessel through which divine  revelation traveled to men

The lantern in the darkness

“The Human Gold”

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