TRRC: Sabally’s Day Of Reckoning


By Lamin Cham
& Mafugi Ceesay

sanna sabally1

Former powerful and short-reigned AFPRC junta vice chairman, Sana Sabally, made a dramatic appearance to reckon with his terror-ridden eventful past as the second most powerful man in the country.


Confronted to tell the story of the July 22nd coup and his role in it, Sabally narrated his major contributions to the coup from planning to execution with unmistakable memory.

He narrated how he mobilized the entire heavy weaponry on commandeered vehicles from Yundum to storm and take over Fajara barracks, cutting off communications with the world and arresting senior loyal police high command in Banjul.

Sabally, who was candid but remorseful, also took responsibility for the summary execution of GNA soldiers at Bakau and Brikama forest, accused of plotting to overthrow the junta.

“But they would have done the same things to us if they had succeeded. We found details on their plan book from the chest pocket of Lt Bassiru Barrow,” Sabaly told the commission.

He further owned up to the violent conducts of his former escorts who were involved in shooting motorists, judged to have obstructed his convoy.

Confronted with one of the victims of his trigger-happy escorts, Halo Jallow, Sabally sought forgiveness from the woman who demanded compensation first before forgiveness.

The Former AFPRC No2 said the July 22 coup was called by the army to step into ironically addressing the flagrant violation of the constitution by the civilian administration of President Jawara.

He said the initial plan was to get rid of the Nigerian military leaders but it evolved into a coup. Sabally denied that neither the Americans no Jawara’s former vice presidents Saihou Sabally and BB Dabo took part in the coup.
The witness will continue his testimony this morning.

Mr Sabally was himself arrested and jailed for almost ten years on allegation of planning a coup. However several theories have emerged since, suggesting that he did not plan any coup and was only framed and overpowered by his colleagues. He is likely to make that point clear in today’s testimony.