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SANTA is here, again!

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With Patience Loum

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way… I… The Christmas holiday spirit has indeed taken off with the first Christmas party of the season organized by the Banjul American International School and its Parent Teachers’ Association.

The school grounds had a festive and merry making atmosphere. The event was well attended by children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers with so many ongoing fun activities so much to see that I literally forgot that I was there to work. I still can’t stop grinning, at my attempts to play slip ‘n’ slide, or taking part in the musical dancing chairs. I swear I was a kid again belie.

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Santa had indeed Jingled into town …Ahh yes seeing Santa Claus and his Grotto never gets old , a rush of memories hit and I am that child again anxiously getting dressed to see Santa. And the best part was a replica of Santa’s grotto and a photo booth giving the children lasting mementos of the day, and by the end of the day every child had met Santa and received a Gingerbread man cookie and well, let’s just say I just couldn’t resist.
There was face painting, food! (my favorite was the Christmas-themed cupcakes), Gingerbread house decorations, and many more! I could swear I was a kid again just enjoying the moment. Dr Helen, leader of the Parent Teachers’ Association managed a few words with me.

“The idea is having a good time and to open the doors to the Gambian community, so other people can come and see the school.”
Alas the party did end but with a huge raffle from the event’s sponsors including Timbooktoo, Coco Ocean Resort and Spa, Brussels Airlines, Yosh Restaurant.
Well too bad I didn’t win anything but maybe next year I’ll be lucky.

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